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Market Ranking Report

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Market Ranking Report

Are you new to exporting or are you looking to grow your overseas business? Understanding which countries and markets might best fit your company is key to developing an effective export strategy. A comprehensive and personalised Market Ranking Report can minimize risk, saving time and money, as well as identify new business opportunities abroad.

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Data is key to export planning

There are a number of reasons why UK SMEs struggle to be successful abroad, not least with changes in legislation as a result of Brexit. 75% of companies act on opportunity but select the wrong markets and only 15% have an export strategy in place. However the right data can make all the difference when it comes to understanding where best to market your products or services overseas.

Global expertise that helps SMEs

With access to SaaS technology and a proprietary algorithm for international marketing, our expert team have significant experience and proven results. Internationally based, they are focused on helping SMEs accelerate their growth and improve their global performance, through the power of data and analytics.

Ranking and Social Media

Insight to support your choices

Market Ranking Reports are customised based on the needs of the customer. Gaining access to personalised insight and real-time information will support better decision-making around future market choices and your global export strategy.

Information sources to rely on

Our hybrid business intelligence and expert-based insights platform allows customers to analyse different markets and audiences, to track brand perception and identify competitive and market trends. With instant access to accurate and reliable private and public data, including social media, every data source included is cited in your Market Ranking Report.

Market Data and Access

Work better with customers

We have data available for more than 150 countries and on a country by country basis we can help you find the best market in terms of access, such as the ease of doing business and any specific legislation related to your products or services. Cultural differences can act as a growth driver or a barrier. Our reports help companies understand these differences and adapt their approach to each market accordingly.

How it works

There are three types of Market Ranking Report available, depending on the number of markets to be analysed: 5, 10 or 20 countries. Each report takes 7 – 15 days to produce and this process follows four straightforward steps:

1: Customer Request - Company profile, product or service and export needs are defined.
2: Data Collection – From up-to-date, global and nationally recognised industry specific data sources.
3: Strategic Analysis – By expert data teams using our powerful export specialised tools.
4: Customised Reports – Easy-to-read pdf and ppt format ranking export markets with the most potential

View a sample Kompass Market Ranking Report

Market Ranking Report

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Focus on the right markets

  • Highly accurate market focus based on global and national data
  • Personalised market access information and trends analysis
  • Affordable pricing that offers great value for money
  • Increase your sales and develop business in new markets

Smart data you can rely on

  • Globally recognised, reliable and up-to-date data sources
  • Social media product demand and competition analysis
  • Detailed economic health report for each country
  • Advice on cultural fit and how to work better with customers

Tested. Proven

Build your global business with confidence. Find new export markets with personalised Market Ranking Reports for your target countries from our dedicated team of data analysts.

Helping you grow your business

How can we help you?

- Having identified your top markets with a Market Ranking Report, we can help you find new business leads in those countries with EasyBusiness, our powerful global B2B search tool.

- We can also help your business reach these new markets overseas with our unique promotional solution for exporters - a Booster International profile on the global Kompass directory.

Supporting business development with Market Ranking Reports

Whether SME or blue-chip companies, 10,000 of them use our solutions every day




A huge time saver - sales productivity improvement

“EasyBusiness has proven to be a huge time saver, with access to a large amount of data on a single platform, giving us the opportunity to find new prospects and target companies we may not have thought of before!"

Valérie de Dieuleveult - Recruitment consultant



Market expansion and external promotion

“EasyBusiness is a very intuitive and complete tool that provides market information for different products and services. We can research many different markets and use the information available, to expand the markets where we focus our foreign promotion activity”

Vanessa Rodríguez - Institutional Relations and Market Information

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Market Ranking Report

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