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Smart business data and digital marketing solutions to help you grow your business

What we do

About Kompass

Understanding the challenge to win new business

  • Today, capturing business opportunities has never been so challenging. We provide innovative business data and digital marketing solutions, designed to help you reach the right contacts in the right companies at the right time.
  • With decades of experience and a global network across more than 70 countries, the Kompass group have become a leading online B2B company data provider, supporting international trade and more than 10,000 customers globally.

What makes us different?

In an ever shifting business landscape we all need to evolve and move with the times - whether your company is looking to find new business leads, attract more customers, connect with new prospects or engage more effectively with your online audience – so what makes us different?

  • Quality: Our data, available in 26 languages, is collected locally from source through dedicated data integrity teams on the ground in each country - meeting compliance regulations in each region.
  • Expertise: Our Kompass teams, based around the world, use their local knowledge and expertise to ensure they collect the depth and quality of business information our customers associate with the Kompass brand.
  • Accessible: Well designed, straightforward and ready-to-use solutions that contain locally verified data. This is updated and enhanced by us as well as the company’s themselves.
  • Trust: As a globally recognised brand, we have worked hard to gain trust amongst our users, providing accurate and up-to-date information on millions of companies and contacts to help users find new business opportunities.

Why use Kompass?

We recognise the challenges faced by every business when looking to find more customers and to put it simply, we offer you a definitive competitive advantage by giving you the opportunity to focus your sales and marketing activities locally, nationally or overseas.

About Kompass

How does it work?

Whether you have a small or large sales & marketing resource, having access to accurate and up-to date company and contact information is essential.

With business data across all B2B activity sectors from more than 70 countries, we can help you target your lead generation both locally and abroad, saving you time and money.

  • Manage your sales and marketing campaigns
  • Customise our tools to fit your business needs
  • Find and engage with new business contacts
  • Drive relevant enquires and grow your online audience

Our organisation

Founded in 1947, our track record speaks for itself. We have consistently demonstrated agility at integrating new technologies, staying ahead of the latest digital marketing innovations and anticipating user behaviour in the digital world. We have launched 7 innovative new products in less than 2 years.

A truly global brand

Our international coverage means that we can offer a localised experience to our users. And that is thanks, in no small part, to our 300 employees that make us who we are. Our global network helps us facilitate both localised data updates as well as provide a personalised service to our customers.

70 Countries 70 countries map
  • 57+ million companies
  • 200+ million contacts
  • 14+ million emails
  • 33+ million phone numbers
  • 18+ million URLs
  • 7+ million visitors every month

Key figures

Picto/collaborators Copy Created with Sketch. 10%

of our turnover is dedicated to data collection

Picto/collaborators Copy 2 Created with Sketch. 25%

of the workforce are based in France

Picto/collaborators Copy 2 Created with Sketch. 75%

of the workforce are located around the world


employees globally

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growth in 2019

Picto/Manager Copy Created with Sketch. 10,000

customers worldwide

Multi-sector major accounts and SMEs

Major accounts and SMEs International Distribution
Multiple Industries International Distribution
International distribution Multi Industries

Building our own route to success

using a multi-faceted strategy


Internal Growth

  • Our global franchise network
  • Strategic acquisitions and an increasing turnover
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External Growth

  • Acquisition of digital marketing start-ups
  • Successful integration of acquisitions such as ByPath
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  • 7 new products through R&D and the Kompass Lab
  • 8.5 million new company profiles on our database
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