Find new business leads – Lead Finder Report

24 October 2019

Find new business leads with our Kompass Lead Finder Report.

24 October 2019

Find new business leads with our Kompass Lead Finder Report

Our B2B Lead Finder Report is a service we provide at no charge to help you find new business leads. Target the right companies and business markets by simply completing the short survey – we will create you a personalised business prospect report and then follow this up with you to discuss your results – it’s really that simple!

“Are you thinking of buying business data?” 

We understand how critical targeted business data is when focusing your marketing campaigns and driving your sales activity. To achieve this, having access to quality B2B data has to be one of your key priorities. You might like to take a look at our short video which illustrates some of the most common data buying mistakes that companies make.

Get your targeted lead finder report – it only takes a few minutes! 

Simply complete the short survey telling us the type of companies and the sectors you want to focus on, as well as the regions you would like to target.

We will create your personalised report  – we will review your submission and create your B2B Lead Finder Report and email a copy for you to review when you are ready.

We will follow up with you – one of our data experts will get in touch to discuss your results.


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