Find new leads with the Kompass App for Salesforce

24 October 2019

The Kompass App for Salesforce is the all-in-one data solution that will help you find new leads and connect with new prospects.

24 October 2019

It is well known that finding new leads is one of the most difficult aspects of the sales process. According to BrightTALK, lack of staff, funding & time remains one of the biggest obstacles to successful lead generation for more than 60% of B2B marketers.

Updating data onto your CRM can be time consuming for any business. Many salespeople cite manual data entry as their biggest challenge when using their existing CRM and nearly a 1/3 are spending an hour or more on data entry each and every day. (HubSpot 2017)

However, the Kompass App for Salesforce can be incorporated into any daily workflow as a ready to use data search tool, directly accessible from your Salesforce CRM. You will have instant access to more than 57m B2B companies, in over 70 countries locally sourced through dedicated data teams on the ground in each country.

Take a look at our short video which introduces the Kompass App for Salesforce and how it might benefit your business.

No need to go elsewhere with the Kompass App for Salesforce – the all-in-one data solution, helping you with direct lead imports and company updates straight into  your CRM.

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The Kompass App for Salesforce – designed to save you time and fit flexibly within your business.

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