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ilc Communication are multilingual specialists who help marketing agencies and professionals communicate effectively across the world.

They offer multilingual marketing services in over 32 languages to businesses across the world, these include:

Multilingual copywriting
Localised social media, digital marketing and SEO
Tailored communications
Website localisation services
Global PR services
Translations for brochures and flyers
Production descriptions

The ilc Communication team of 450 bilingual copywriters offer the full spectrum of marketing communications services, including multilingual content writing and localisation, SEO and digital marketing, localised social media campaigns and internal communications for global businesses.

If you need to optimise your campaign for overseas markets and boost engagement, they can help!


To find out more please call 07799 772362 - they would love to hear from you

  • ilc Communication, with their cultural knowledge and creative expertise, can help you engage more effectively with your overseas audience.

    They would love to hear from you, so feel free to get in touch.

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