Free ebook: The Essential Guide to Virtual Events

Essential Guide to Virtual Events

With the Covid19 lockdown affecting trade fairs and conventions, how can Virtual Events benefit your business?

Download our FREE ebook from TradeTech Solutions which looks at how and why most events will become virtual, and offers a whole range of solutions and practical advice that will deliver immediate economic benefits.

In the ebook you will find practical tools & advice:

  • What is a Virtual Event?
  • Virtual Events vs Physical Events
  • Defining your Virtual Event Strategy
  • How to assemble a Virtual Event Team
  • Planning Virtual Events
  • Choosing a Virtual Event Platform
  • What should you measure during and after a Virtual Event
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • How to change an Event from the Physical World to the Virtual
  • Virtual Event Supporting Services

Bounce back from the Covid-19 Lockdown and Prosper!

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