Free ebook: The Essential Guide to Permanent Virtual Trade Exhibitions

The Essential Guide to Virtual Expos

With technology only recently developed to a level that makes Virtual Expos commercially viable and the Covid19 lockdown changing the way we work, how can Virtual Expos benefit your business?

Download our FREE ebook from TradeTech Solutions which looks at how Chambers of Commerce and Industry Associations can leverage their Eco-systems to benefit their members. Increasing domestic & international trade and sponsorship revenue. Reducing communication costs and carbon footprints. Raising eCommerce awareness and skills.

In the ebook you will find practical tools & advice:

  • What is a Virtual Expo?
  • Why are there no Permanent Virtual Expos?
  • National\Regional vs Industry Specific Expos
  • Expo Build
  • Virtual Expo Management Team
  • Security and Data Protection
  • Identity, Compliance & Chain of Trust
  • Translation & Interpreting Services
  • The Challenges and How to Resolve Them
  • Business Model
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