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14 April 2022

Curious about what Kompass can do for you and your business? Here's how to showcase your products through the Kompass platform.

14 April 2022

Are you a B2B company looking for ways to expand your reach and bring in new customers? Do you want a digital marketing platform that will give you smart insights rather than rote data? Are you looking for connections that span across the globe and can take your business to the next level? If any of this sounds familiar, you could benefit from showcasing your products through Kompass. Read on to learn more about our platform and how you can get your products in front of thousands of buyers looking for a supplier.

What is Kompass?

Before diving into how you can showcase your products on Kompass, let’s talk about who we are. Kompass provides the smart data marketing and sales you need to grow your business. We offer innovative B2B information services that enable you to reach the right contacts in the right companies, at the right moment, based on our unique data expertise across 75 countries.

The Kompass group has decades of experience and a far-reaching international network of teams working locally in their markets. We have launched seven ground-breaking new products in less than two years and have more than 77 million contacts in more than 53 million companies listed on our Kompass B2B Directory.

Having earnt our reputation as the trusted solution many companies choose to accelerate their business development, our focus is on ensuring this trust is well-placed, by providing a demonstrably effective platform to help companies grow their business.

Pick your language

Did you know that 80% of the buyer’s search by product or service on the internet and that product receives three times more visits than a company profile? That is why it is essential to post your products in Kompass, so let’s get started on how to do this.

When you get ready to showcase your products on Kompass, the first thing you’ll need to do is to pick the language for your product post. Because Kompass works with companies all over the world, we support twenty-five different languages. Choosing your language can help you to target your client base more accurately and connect with the right businesses.

Choosing your language will also help Kompass to index your product post more precisely. We will use this information to connect you with businesses that might be interested in what you offer. When adding your products, select the language you wish to use from the dropdown menu and indicate whether you’re listing a product or a service.

Title and describe your product

Once you’ve chosen your language, you’ll need to start inputting details about your product or service. Start with the title; it should be short enough that the reader won’t get lost but specific enough to tell them precisely what you’re offering. Try to avoid technical terms that may confuse readers with less expertise than you.

As you’re creating your title, you may also want to work on some keywords that potential clients may use to search for your product. You should even weave these keywords through your description. Aim to write a short, engaging, and informative description, giving your readers enough information to let them know that they want to learn more.

Upload Pictures to Showcase Your Products

Add pictures

Strong titles and descriptions are essential when you’re listing a product, but another thing that will help with sales are pictures. Potential customers want an idea of what they are buying before they make a purchase. Good photography will give them a better understanding of your product, as well as show the kind of quality they can expect from your company.

You can upload up to three photos to the Kompass platform, so make them count. Make sure your pictures look professional and are edited to show your products in their best light. If you’re offering a service, choose images that best represent the benefits you can bring to potential customers.

Build up your listing

Once you’ve hooked a potential lead through the Kompass platform, you need to give them a place to go to take the next steps. Be sure you provide a link to the appropriate product page on your website so they know where to find the product that is of interest.

You may also want to add some details to your listing to make it easier for your leads to find. This may include the type, model, or brand of your product, as well as any certifications or labels that apply.

Finally, if you have a feature video for your product or service, you should make sure to add it to your listing at this point. Videos can go a long way towards showing your clients exactly how your products and services work, as well as increasing your engagement.

Pick your category

When a lead runs a search on the Kompass platform, results are categorized partly by using the uniquely detailed Kompass classifications. Company listings are divided into grouped categories such as online database services company information, product and service information, sales and marketing information, etc.

Make sure you assign your product or service to the appropriate category before you complete your listing. This will help to ensure your listing stands out and attracts as many leads as possible.

Upload all at once

If you’re uploading several products onto the Kompass platform, you don’t have to spend time doing them all one by one. Instead, you can do a group upload of all your products at once. This will save you time and keep all your listings consistent on the Kompass platform.

Start by downloading the Excel file template and completing the columns with the appropriate product information. You’ll need to use specified codes in the language and type columns to ensure your data is imported correctly. Then prepare a zip folder that includes the completed Excel file and all the images that have been named in the file and upload it to the Kompass website.

Grow your business with Kompass

Kompass can be a fantastic platform for growing your business and bringing in new clients. Uploading your products and services with as much detail as possible will help them rank higher and more accurately when potential customers are searching the Kompass directory. And if you’re uploading several products at once, you can use our Excel template to make your process quick and easy.


If you’d like to learn more about Kompass and our solutions, check out the rest of our website. We are your route to business worldwide, and we can help you capture new business opportunities with smart business data and digital marketing solutions.

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