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Find new
business leads
and generate
more sales

Access to potential decision makers gives you an edge over your competitors

Today, capturing business opportunities has never been so challenging. At Kompass we work to provide you with innovative business data solutions, designed to help you reach the right companies. Our uniquely powerful B2B data search platform Kompass EasyBusiness is the ideal tool to help you find new prospects.

  • Picto/1_ACCESS TO 20 MILLION COMPANIES IN 60+ COUNTRIES Created with Sketch. 53m+ B2B companies across 70+ countries
  • Picto/2_Access to more than 31 million managers Created with Sketch. 48m+ contacts with customised prospect alerts
  • Picto/3_60 criteria with which to identify your targets Created with Sketch. Segment your searches using 60 search criteria
  • Picto/4_Access to data 24/7 Created with Sketch. Flexible 24/7 online and mobile app data access

Global leading B2B search platform

Whether you have a small or large sales and marketing resource, having access to accurate and up-to-date company and contact information is essential. With business data across all B2B activity sectors from over 70 countries and 26 languages, EasyBusiness helps you target your lead generation both locally and abroad, saving you time and money.

A smarter way to improve your
prospect data

Gaining access to accurate, up-to-date company and contact information can play a key role in supporting your business needs, such as helping you improve and increase your existing prospect data, with direct uploads into your CRM database.


Data to fit your needs

Business data is used for telesales, email, digital marketing, events and direct mail, but finding an accurate and reliable data source you can customise is not always easy.

EasyBusiness will help you find and contact new prospects by giving you access to over 60 search criteria, as well as keeping you up to date with personalised update alerts.

Focus on the right contacts

Smart data will help you find new business contacts as well as develop your business in new markets. Sales Accelerator, our EasyBusiness add-on, integrates live Big Data from 200k media sources (web, social, networks, blogs).

This not only gives you access to thousands of contacts, but you can also setup customised news and job alerts to help you keep track of your leads.


Accessible and easy-to-use

EasyBusiness is easy to access and straightforward to use, which means you can plan and organise your sales and marketing campaigns with confidence. Helping you create personalised data lists with customised list downloads that include company and contact information.

A flexible fit for your business

If you are looking for new business markets overseas and need to find potential contacts, but aren’t sure which markets to focus problem....a personalised Market Ranking Report can help you do this too!

Whether you want to source new suppliers, create an e-marketing campaign, need to update your existing business data or simply add new sales leads to your CRM, EasyBusiness can help you achieve all this and more….



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Find new business leads

  • 53m+ B2B companies across 70+ countries
  • 48m+ business contacts, phone and emails
  • Locally verified, compliant and up-to-date
  • Flexible 24/7 online data access

Smart data you can rely on

  • Segment your searches using 60 search criteria
  • Engage directly with key contacts and decision makers
  • Audit, clean, update and enrich your business data
  • Increase sales and develop your business in new markets

Tested. Proven

Bring your data up to speed. Our team of business data experts will be happy to offer advice and support on how to become a more successful data-driven business.

Helping you grow your business

How can we help you?

- Take a look at our guide to EasyBusiness.

- To help you find new prospects, our Lead generation pack gives you access to EasyBusiness, along with our insightful business sales intelligence tool, ByPath, to help you engage with those new prospects more effectively.

Supporting business development with EasyBusiness

Whether SME or blue-chip companies, 10,000 of them use our solutions every day




A huge time saver - sales productivity improvement

“EasyBusiness has proven to be a huge time saver, with access to a large amount of data on a single platform, giving us the opportunity to find new prospects and target companies we may not have thought of before!"

Valérie de Dieuleveult - Recruitment consultant



Market expansion and external promotion

“EasyBusiness is a very intuitive and complete tool that provides market information for different products and services. We can research many different markets and use the information available, to expand the markets where we focus our foreign promotion activity”

Vanessa Rodríguez - Institutional Relations and Market Information

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