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Solutions to help you build creative digital marketing campaigns

Whether you are in sales, marketing or a business owner, you need to find cost-effective ways to grow your business. Using sales and marketing channels that fit both your budget and your business needs, be that on a local, national or international platform.

  • Picto/1_Hyper target using our Global, updated and precise company databases Created with Sketch. FIND
    Target sales & marketing lists with global business data on EasyBusiness
    New business leads with PPC & Booster profiles on
  • Picto/3_Telemarketing campaigns: Appointments settings and business surveys Created with Sketch. CONNECT
    Find new prospects with Big Data sales intelligence on ByPath
  • Picto/2_Possibility of visibility in up to 66 countries simultaneously Created with Sketch. ENGAGE
    Gain free IP website tracking with a Booster profile on Kompass

Find new business leads and generate more sales

Our uniquely powerful B2B company data search platform Kompass EasyBusiness is the ideal tool to help you find new prospects.

Gain access to over 53m+B2B companies and 48m+ business contacts in 70 countries. Target your searches accurately and engage directly with decision-makers. Whether you need regular online access or a one-off sales and marketing list of business leads, we can help.

Gain insight not just information

In sales, identifying the right information at the right time is not easy, but ByPath uses self-learning sales intelligence to generate the WHO, WHY and HOW insight to help you target and connect with new prospects more effectively.

With Big Data comprising more than 200 million contacts and 200k online media sources analysed every day, ByPath is the ideal sales channel to support your business.

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Attract new business leads with a Booster profile

The depth and quality of data on along with our optimisation ensures we attract the most relevant traffic to company profiles listed on our site.

With your comprehensive Booster company profile, as well as gaining priority listing on our global B2B directory, you will also benefit from better visibility on search engines.

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Drive relevant enquiries to your website

You’ve got a great business and website but they need to be found and this presents a significant challenge for any company with an online presence.

Our fully managed PPC ad campaigns will drive 1000 relevant visits to your Booster company profile on and your website. Our PPC experts manage the setup and will continue to review your campaign to ensure optimium results

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Who is visiting your website?

98% of website visitors will depart without leaving any contact information, making it difficult to recognise hot sales leads. ££££’s a year are spent in the UK on business websites, but very few companies are aware of who is visiting and how much value is in this information.

Get FREE IP website tracking

Generating revenue through IP website tracking is fast becoming a necessity for any business with an online presence and GatorLeads can provide a user friendly and cost effective solution. With a Booster company profile you can access this FREE service offered by our partner Spotler- the innovative marketing automation solution provider.

- Check who is new and who is coming back for more
- See which IP addresses are matched to which companies
- Get a list of your top 10 companies to call or market to

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Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital Marketing Campaigns

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Meeting your business needs

  • Target sales and marketing campaigns with access to global business data across 70+ countries
  • Connect with decision makers found through Big Data sales intelligence
  • Target your digital marketing campaigns by activity, location and contact
  • Setup personalised alerts to follow up and engage with new prospects

Flexible marketing channels

  • Gain priority listing on our global B2B directory along with better visibility on search engines
  • Accurately targeted to your B2B audience both locally and overseas
  • Use your website traffic to generate revenue through IP website tracking
  • Target visitors by country, build traffic, improve SEO and google ranking

Tested. Proven

Build more creative digital marketing campaigns with targeted data lists, fully managed PPC and online promotion, business sales intelligence and IP website tracking.

Our exporter and SEM business friendly solutions will attract more relevant enquires from potential B2B customers.

Enjoy the benefits of being part of a truly global marketplace which gains more than 7.5 million visitors every month.

Supporting business development with our products

Whether SME or blue-chip companies, 10,000 of them use our solutions every day



Direct Marketing, Transport & Logistics

Average email open rate of over 32%

“We are very pleased to have Kompass as a database provider for our direct email campaigns"

Arianne Muñoz de Wolf - Marketing Manager


Email Marketing, Paper, Printing, Publishing

Improvement in the promotion of our events

"We use the email marketing service from Kompass to push our communication actions to clients and to companies from Kompass’ B2B database”

Diego Sáez - Controller

These Kompass clients grew their business

Kawasaki Shell Nacex DHM Hewlett Packard Abus
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Digital Marketing Campaigns

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