The various elements that are available as part of the ToolKit service are offered by:

EasyBusiness, Booster UK & Booster International – Kompass UK Ltd

Expo UK & Virtual Stand – TradeTech Solutions

Marketing Review – Strawman Agency

Translation Services – ILC Communications

For your convenience, a single order form and payment services are offered through Kompass UK Ltd. However, each service is governed by the terms and conditions of the relevant service provider. These are as follows:

Kompass UK Ltd – (Specific Terms & Conditions)

TradeTech Solutions – (Terms & Conditions)

Strawman Agency – (Terms & Conditions)

ILC Communications – (Terms & Conditions)

Furthermore, if you have any questions related to a particular service, please contact the service provider directly

Kompass UK Ltd

TradeTech Solutions

Strawman Agency

ILC Communications

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