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Promotes your company and provides a comprehensive range of support resources

TradeTech Solutions was established to provide practical, online solutions for businesses and through ExpoUK gives companies, of all sizes access to:

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  • Picto/3_Unlimited company searches Created with Sketch. Information Resources
  • Picto/3_Telemarketing campaigns: Appointments settings and business surveys Created with Sketch. Live Events
  • Picto/Data enrichment Created with Sketch. Support Services
  • Picto/1_Boosted online presence and credibility for your company Created with Sketch. Training and Recruitment

What ExpoUK Offers


ExpoUK provides companies, of all sizes, the means to:

(i) mitigate the threats brought by constant changes in technology and business conditions and

(ii) optimise the growth opportunities offered by these opportunities – including finding new business partners.


As well as promoting local businesses through the Exhibition Hall, (where you can manage your own manage your company’s profile) ExpoUK provides access to:

Business Solutions: Straightforward steps to: increase sales, find finance, save money, and reduce risk.

Information Resources: All the business information you’ll ever need.

Live Events: For virtual conferences, trade events, and bi-lateral trade missions.

Support Services: Where you find practical, specialist support, from hundreds of companies and organisations.

Training and Recruitment: Bringing together individuals, companies and vocational training.

  • Access to ExpoUK can be included as part of the Digital Business ToolKit - a range of services designed to help your business grow.
  • Moreover, if you buy any services through this site from any of our partners, these will be at a discount to the prices you would be charged if you go directly.
  • A Monthly Newsletter is also sent out on a regular basis informing you of the latest online developments and service offerings.

Supporting business development with our export solutions

Whether SME or blue-chip companies, 10,000 of them use our solutions every day

Tae Sung Co

Tae Sung Co

Manufacturer of exploration drilling equipment

Increasing the number of opportunities

“Kompass provides an excellent service for finding new overseas buyers. After using the Kompass service, the number of enquiries received through our homepage has increased dramatically. It seems that Kompass Google Indexing and SEO are the reason why more buyers have visited our homepage compared to before. Recently, we have been in the process of trading samples with new buyers who are interested in our company. For example, new buyers have contacted us from Turkey, where business had previously stopped for the last 5 years..”

Gill Hyoung, Lee - Export Director


Textiles, Clothing, Leather

Increasing our export turnover

“We have increased our export turnover from 8% to 48% by using the Kompass database.”

Mehmet Ozcan - Board Member

These Kompass clients grew their business

Kawasaki Shell Nacex DHM Hewlett Packard Abus
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Kompass Digital Business ToolKit

Helping you grow your business

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