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The modern world has come to rely increasingly on digital engagement in the business development process and as a result the importance of your "Pitch Deck". The market-leading Strawman Agency are experts in providing this service.

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What a Pitch Deck Offers


For the vast majority of businesses, there is now an expectation that a “pitch deck” will be provided, either as a first touch with a prospect or as an aide memoire after an online meeting. Where international markets are involved, this is almost a given.

The pitch deck has become the shop window for business and it is critical that, in addition to delivering the vendor’s message clearly and in an engaging manner, it captures the prospect’s attention within the first few seconds.

You need the best possible shop window to stand out above the competition but your core business is not design, marketing comms, video production or even copywriting.

Most internally produced pitch decks focus on the product or service being sold and not on the idea of engaging the viewer.

  • Without the initial engagement, you will not deliver your message effectively, especially when there is competition for the contract.
  • This is the service that Strawman delivers.
  • Access to Pitch Deck can be included as part of the Digital Business ToolKit - a range of services designed to help your business grow.

Supporting business development with our export solutions

Whether SME or blue-chip companies, 10,000 of them use our solutions every day

Tae Sung Co

Tae Sung Co

Manufacturer of exploration drilling equipment

Increasing the number of opportunities

“Kompass provides an excellent service for finding new overseas buyers. After using the Kompass service, the number of enquiries received through our homepage has increased dramatically. It seems that Kompass Google Indexing and SEO are the reason why more buyers have visited our homepage compared to before. Recently, we have been in the process of trading samples with new buyers who are interested in our company. For example, new buyers have contacted us from Turkey, where business had previously stopped for the last 5 years..”

Gill Hyoung, Lee - Export Director


Textiles, Clothing, Leather

Increasing our export turnover

“We have increased our export turnover from 8% to 48% by using the Kompass database.”

Mehmet Ozcan - Board Member

These Kompass clients grew their business

Kawasaki Shell Nacex DHM Hewlett Packard Abus
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