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With more than 4 million searches performed online every minute, the challenge for companies looking to promote their business is to be found quickly and easily by the right audience. 80% of B2B buyers do an online search to find a solution to their needs, be that for a product or service, so how can you help your business stand out from your competitors? drives B2B marketing leads by helping buyers and suppliers search and connect with each other, attracting more than 7.5 million users every month.

  • Picto/1_Boosted online presence and credibility for your company Created with Sketch. Optimised and detailed company profiles
  • Picto/1_Hyper target using our Global, updated and precise company databases Created with Sketch. Accurately targeted to your B2B audience
  • Picto/2_Possibility of visibility in up to 66 countries simultaneously Created with Sketch. Export friendly: 25 languages in 70+ countries
  • Picto/3_Exporter friendly: boosted international visibility in up to 66 countries and 25 languages simultaneously Created with Sketch. Measured ROI and support from local data experts

Become more visible online, more easily found by potential customers

As a B2B company, your most likely online presence will be your website where you can of course use SEO, content and landing pages to attract potential customers. But how successful are you at being found by these prospects in the first place?

Promoting your products or services and positioning your brand using a respected B2B marketplace such as Kompass, who are represented in more than 70 countries, will help you do this - see Business Promotion Features & Prices

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What Kompass Booster Offers

  • Fully-optimised company profile showcasing your products and services
  • Receive active leads through direct contact forms
  • Share your news, events and marketing content
  • Target visitors by country in 26 languages

What Kompass Advertising Offers

  • Enhanced online presence with logos, social, branding and keywords
  • Flexible banner and top 3 ads linked to your market sector
  • Local, national and global promotional opportunities
  • Fully-managed and customised PPC campaigns

Tested. Proven

Kompass Digital Marketing with a booster company profile or display advertising will help to boost your online presence.

Gain enhanced trust and confidence in your brand both in domestic and global markets. Exporter and SME business friendly solutions to help attract more relevant enquiries from potential B2B customers.

Supporting business development with our digital marketing solutions

Whether SME or blue-chip companies, 10,000 of them use our solutions every day

Tae Sung Co

Tae Sung Co

Manufacturer of exploration drilling equipment

Increasing the number of opportunities

“Kompass provides an excellent service for finding new overseas buyers. After using the Kompass service, the number of enquiries received through our homepage has increased dramatically. It seems that Kompass Google Indexing and SEO are the reason why more buyers have visited our homepage compared to before. Recently, we have been in the process of trading samples with new buyers who are interested in our company. For example, new buyers have contacted us from Turkey, where business had previously stopped for the last 5 years..”

Gill Hyoung, Lee - Export Director
Sahra Kablo

Sahra Kablo

Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Plastics

Increasing online visibility

“With our company profile on the Kompass directory, we are placed within the top rankings and have received business enquiries”

Dondu Yolcu - International Sales

These Kompass clients grew their business

Kawasaki Shell Nacex DHM Hewlett Packard Abus
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Kompass Digital Marketing pack

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